Cheap Inversion Tables: Your Guide to Finding Cheap Inversion Tables

Are you suffering from sciatica pain or back spasms? Are you shopping for cheap inversion tables? As you probably know, finding cheap equipment without compromising on quality isn’t exactly easy. That’s because some of the best spinal decompression machines in the market e.g. those from Master Care, can cost over $1000. However, it is still possible to find a good-quality table for less than $200. Below is a review of three such tables.

Calm inversion table
The calm table, whose price is below $150, is one of the best-selling tables of all time, both on and off-line. It is one of the few tables that have received a 5 star rating from customers. Some of the most notable features of this piece of equipment include a padded locking bar ankle restraint, two foam-padded, easy-to-reach hand grips and a couple of auto-locking hinges. This piece of equipment also offers a wide range of inversion angles which can easily be adjusted using the tether strap. Moreover, one can easily adjust the speed of inversion, by simply changing the setting on the frame’s pivot hinges, so as to avoid feeling light headed during inversion. This fully folding table is easy to store away as it weighs only 250 pounds.

Sunny inversion table
There are generally two main tables from Sunny: the SF-807 and the SF-903. Although these spinal decompression machines are both bestsellers, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-807 inversion table is more popular. The main features of these two machines include a padded locking ankle bar that keeps you secure and comfortable while inverted, a durable nylon back that is resists wear and tear and cushioned easy to reach handles that give you more control over the table during inversion. In addition, these tables come with an adjustable height bar that can fit any user whose height is between 4 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 6 inches.

The Ironman Gravity 1000
This Ironman table has been said to be one of the best and cheapest tables out there. Not only is it made from durable tubular steel but it also has rubber non-skid floor stabilizers that make it very stable. This particular table is controlled by way of arm movements and can invert up to a maximum of 90 degrees. More over, the Ironman Gravity 1000 can accommodate a maximum weight of about 300 pounds. Also, it is easy to fold and store away after use.

Class, Let’s Review The Xd2200 Sanyo LCD Projector

The PLC-XD2200 Sanyo LCD projector is a portable XGA (1024 X 768) multimedia module that produces first-rate color for nearly the lowest price in its class. It’s your basic no-frills projector, lacking digital input and PC-free or network presentation ability with only a single watt speaker built-in. But if you are primarily looking for an attractive price, portability and fantastic color rendition in every image mode, then the XD2200 has got you covered.

Setup is a snap thanks to the XD2200’s “Auto Setup Function”. This feature automatically performs keystone correction of the input signal by detecting the inclination angle of the device. This model is extremely power efficient when placed into standby mode, drawing a mere 0.4 watts in comparison to the 2-3 watts drawn by other projectors. Another sweet feature is the estimated 6000-hour lamp life you will achieve when using Eco mode. Since a brand new lamp can amount to almost one-third of the cost of a new projector, it helps to know that if you can operate mostly in Eco mode (which is in excess of 1000 lumens), you will receive a few eons of projection time out of your bulb.

You would be correct to assume based on the size and weight of the XD2200 that it is a remarkably portable device. Unlike much of its competition, this Sanyo LCD projector does not come with its own travel bag. Perhaps this is because it easily fits into most soft briefcases.

If a simple and clean appearance is appealing to you, the XD2200 will be a delight. Beginning at the front panel, the recessed lens is located on the left side of the front face, keeping it protected even in the absence of the tethered lens cap. Right behind the lens, in the recess above the projector face, you will conveniently find the focus and zoom adjustments. You also have an infra-red receiving eye to the left of the lens. On the other side of the lens you will find two stacked air intake vents. A removable filter on the bottom of the projector, which slides out from the front, is located in the bottom intake vent. There is a single front height adjustment foot in the middle with the standard push-button release. Fine-tuning of the height adjustments are done by screwing the foot out or in. A small downside is fact that you have no adjustment feet in the rear, so make sure you’re using a fairly level surface for table mounting.

Taking a look at the top of this Sanyo LCD projector from the front face, you will see a cover in the right rear for accessing the bulb. This allows for simple lamp replacement if the device is mounted from the ceiling, since there is no need to dislodge it just to replace a lamp. In the left back corner you have a control panel with the most-commonly used functions, including power indicators, lamp status and warnings if the unit has any problems such as overheating. You have you buttons for Power, Auto Setup, Input Search, Auto PC adjustment, and Auto Keystone.

The next set of buttons you have are for bringing up and selecting from the on-screen menu, as well as menu navigation buttons. The Left and Right menu navigation buttons will additionally perform as your Volume Down and Up respectively.

The built-in one-watt speaker is found on the left side (if you’re facing the front of the unit), toward the front. The power cord connector is located on the right side, toward the front, as are the two heat exhaust vents and the screw for opening the lamp cover.

Continuing on to the back panel from the left, you will find two more heat exhaust vents. To the immediate right of that are an RS-232 port and a Kensington lock. Then you have your two computer input terminals. This first input will also act as the input for component video and S-video. You may need to purchase the appropriate adapters. The second input can serve dually as a monitor output when not being used as an input. In this same area you have your stereo audio inputs, one PC audio input, a composite video input and an audio output which is adjustable for output volume level from the remote. Lastly, there is a LAN jack for a network connection. Below that is another air intake vent with a slide-out dust filter.

It’s worth noting that even though the lamp cover is smartly located on the top of the projector, the two dust filters may be a bit tight to remove for a ceiling mounted unit. Since filters should be removed for cleaning way more often than the bulb will need to be replaced, you may want to take this into consideration if you want to mount your XD2200 Sanyo LCD projector on ceiling.

You can check the XD2200’s video display capabilities by the DVD playback on your laptop computer. Beginning in Real mode, you can review scenes from your favorite movies like “Batman Begins” or “The Swan”. In either case, you will find that skin tones are quite natural and the overall color balance is quite solid. Sometimes a low contrast ratio and reduced black levels may occur if you are viewing darker scenes. The gamma adjustments should help with black levels. This is hardly atypical for a projector in this class, much less one in the price range of the XD2200. Since it is often preferable to have more accurate colors, the solid color reproduction of this model makes it an ideal selection for video presentations in the classroom. So if you have a video presentation that contains audio, you may want to consider using some external powered speakers. The built-in 1-watt speaker of the XD2200 Sanyo LCD projector is not intended to achieve a volume level required by some larger conference rooms or classrooms.

Teeter F5000 Inversion – The Latest Evolution in Health and Fitness

The Teeter f5000 inversion is the latest discovery in the world of health and fitness. The F5000 inversion table basically rotates in a spin-around system. With mere arm and hand movements, rotation is perfectly accomplished by simply shifting the weight of the arms downwards and upwards, and the table will easily rotate in a very comfortable angle.

The smooth spin-around of the Teeter table permits oscillation and alternating tractions. Its adjustable roller axis allows anyone to pre-select three different levels to control or adjust the aggressive rotation.

The machine’s tether strap enables anyone to control the optimum angle of the f5000 table. Its comfortable and secure ankle clamps hold both your feet securely while the table is currently rotating.
The f5000 inversion can be easily folded compactly for efficient storage and transport. The nylon mat attached to the hinges can be removed for washing.

Every inversion table package comes with a very informative and instructional DVD as well as a laminated owner’s manual.

Compared to other types and brands, the f5000 inversion, through numerous engineering tests, has been proven to be more precise and balanced and can provide a user the perfect full inversion required. The machine is also considered 85% pre-assembled and is invariably 1/4 less of the average number of machine parts compared to other inversion table brands.

The inversion table is equipped with heat-treated steel to add more strength on its primary structural components and parts. Its bed is securely attached and fixed through auto-locking hinges. These auto-locks protect the bed or table from disconnecting from the main base. It has specialized pivot rings that assure any buyer squeak-free turns for a lifetime.

The Teeter f5000 inversion’s de-rattler knob lessens the shifting for a much smoother and quieter rotation. It is also designed with injection-coated rubber grips for additional durability. Its triple-plated chrome shaft is embossed with height markers for an easy adjustment for users whose heights range from 4’8″ up to 6’6″.

The f5000 table is made of high-quality finishes and incorporates a scratch-resistant powder coating and a triple-plate chrome shaft.

The innovative table bed design of the Teeter f5000 inversion features a Flex Technology that enables the bed to move with the user. Its smooth surface lessens friction, thus allowing your body to perfectly slide and obtain maximum body stretch. The Teeter f5000 also comes with an adjustable head pillow to support the head and to provide greater amount of comfort.