My Relationship is on the Rocks! Here Are 4 Sure Fire Ways to Stop a Breakup Before It’s Too Late

If each meeting with your partner or spouse seems to end in a war of words and each night sees one or both of you suffering from a headache then your relationship is certainly headed south.

If you have a strong feeling that the relationship is tethering on its last legs then you need prompt action to stop the breakup. Remain cool and use these moves to prevent the breakup.

o You know the problem, but what about the solution: You and your partner might be aware of the causes of the frequent skirmishes but have you tried finding a solution? Your ego could stand in the way and that could hold true for your partner too.

However, this bitter medicine needs to be swallowed and a solution needs to be implemented quickly if you want to stop the relationship from disintegrating.

o Lay your cards on the crumbling table: Sometimes a reality check can jolt a partner back into his/her senses. If your partner is behaving insensitively then you should spell out the future scenario without mincing words but without fighting or getting too personal.

If your partner can see the darkness at the end of the tunnel then he/she might change his/her attitude and take corrective action. The same, however, is applicable if you are the one behaving irrationally.

o Be open to all channels of communication: If you feel that you are unable to talk to your partner without losing control of your emotions then inform your partner that you would rather write him/her a letter instead. This will help you to calmly write down your thoughts and each point too will be thoroughly analyzed before it is put on paper.

Whilst arguing, it is very easy to let harsh words slip out that is regretted later. Similarly, use email or text messages to stay in touch. In other words make all efforts to communicate without emotions running amok.

o Put yourself in your partner’s shoes: While you might be busy presenting your side of the argument, you might be better off if you placed yourself in your partner’s shoes before throwing accusations or refuting them.

This move will enable you to understand your partner’s mindset and the reasons as to why he or she is acting in a particular way.

Your partner too will appreciate your efforts of trying to understand both aspects of the argument.

These moves can prevent your relationship from breaking apart. If the wounds are too deep then you should definitely try to get professional help before letting your partner slip out of your helpless hands.