Review of Teeter Hang Ups FitForm Inversion Therapy Table

The Teeter Hang Ups FitForm Inversion Therapy Table is designed to allow for the reduction of back pain and the elongation of the spine. This is an affordable inversion therapy table that has been constructed out of durable heat-treated steel, with injection-molded parts to give it with a smooth, finished quality. The table is quite easy to assemble and use as it is delivered 85% pre-assembled; with the remaining 15% being easily assembled within ten minutes or less. Below are some of the highlights of this inversion therapy table:

  • Durable heat-treated steel construction with injection-moulded parts
  • Adjustable roller hinges and cam locks – To provide beginners, experts and regular inverters with custom rotation.
  • Adjustable tether – To enable you to invert to any angle.
  • Specialised pivot bearings – To provide you with a lifetime of squeak-free rotation.
  • Curved front ankle clamps – Designed to mould to the curve of your feet and provide you with added security and comfort.
  • Removable nylon mat cleans easily
  • Frame folds up compactly to allow for easier storage, while taking up minimum space.
  • Instructional DVD – Provides instructions regarding the first moments of inversion, including how to set up the table to meet your specific needs and how to perform certain strengthening and stretching exercises.
  • Measures 45 x 58 x 28 inches (W x H x D)
  • 2-year warranty
  • User height capacity of 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 6 inches
  • User weight capacity of 250 pounds

There are certain aspects of the Teeter Hang Ups FitForm Inversion Therapy Table that I particularly like. First of all, by choosing this particular table, I feel that I got good value for money. I believe as much because I decided to buy it after doing price comparisons and coming across similar inversion therapy tables which cost twice as much. I also like that the table was easy to assemble – in any case it did arrive practically wholly assembled so I didn’t have to do much. I now have a very sturdy table that is easy to move around, and which provides my ankles with comfort while in use.

One of the drawbacks to this table however is that for the price I paid, I would have thought that its foam would be a little thicker than this. In addition, being an athletic person, I also think the table is a bit too gentle for my liking. Because I normally suffer from serious spasms after training, I don’t feel that this table is sufficiently catering to my needs. I must also add that my expectations were rather high having been convinced by TV ads to buy this inversion therapy table.

Being 5’1″, I also have a problem with the foot adjustments seeing as I cannot seem to sit right in order to access the foot grips. I’m also disappointed by the rather flimsy material provided for covering the board I lay against – I would have preferred a flexible metal model to this.