Teeter Inversion Table Reviews

Teeter is one of the biggest manufacturers of inversion tables. Teeter hang-up tables enable users to enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy without necessarily having to risk their lives. Although Teeter also manufactures Teeter hang-ups gravity boots, many people prefer the tables. That’s because they are afraid to hang upside down while wearing only gravity boots which are hooked to a single bar.

Teeter Inversion Table

Teeter hang-ups tables are divided into two main categories: in-home tables and commercial tables. In-home tables are mainly used together with home remedies for back pain. On the other hand, commercial tables are used by health care providers, professional sports teams and gyms for back strengthening exercises. One of the most popular lines of inversion tables from Teeter is the F series: Teeter hang-ups f5000, Teeter hang-ups f7000 and Teeter hang-ups f9000. Unfortunately, this product line has been discontinued which means that it is virtually impossible to find a new F-series table from Teeter. Nevertheless, there is a new product line known as the EP series.

EP-550 Inversion Table

One of the most notable features of this particular machine is its smooth, no stain, no tear surface. The smooth surface reduces friction so as to enable optimum spinal decompression. This machine also comes with adjustable and removable tether straps that enable you to preset your angle of inversion.

Since the Ep-550 inversion table arrives at your door 90 percent pre-assembled, it only takes about 15 minutes to put together. In addition, this Teeter table folds very easily.

EP-950 Inversion Table
This is the most advanced table in the Teeter EP series. In addition to all the features of the EP-550, the EP-950 also comes with specialty foam cups that protect your ankles thereby reducing the degree of discomfort that comes with hanging upside down from your ankles. However, if you are thinking of buying the EP-950 table, you should know that it cannot be used with inversion boots.

The best thing about all Teeter tables is that they can easily be customized using any of the Teeter accessories on sale. One popular accessory is the vibration cushion with a heated neck pillow which is made up of 10 vibrating motors and two heaters.

Another popular Teeter accessory for use with Teeter tables is the adapter kit which includes a pair of gravity boots and a CV bar. It enables you to use your table with boots.