The Benefits Of The Teeter Hang Ups EP-950

There are many Teeter Hang Ups products on the market for those looking for a way to deal with their back and joint pain without the use of medication or surgery. One such product is the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950, an inversion therapy board. This table combines safety and comfort in its design and is adjustable for users of all sizes. As the newest in the brand’s EP series, this model includes the comfort-grip ratchet ankle clamps that make it easier for users to reach their ankles.

Like the other models in this series, the EP-950 features the flex technology bed as well as other features such as the EZ-Angle tether strap, Over-EZ handles and plus size tubing. Both the head pillow and foot platform are adjustable to add extra comfort. Users may also find comfort since the bed conforms to the back. Furthermore, it moves along with the body so it is possible to perform inversion exercises while inverted. One can also easily stretch and has a wide field of mobility.

The inversion table also has other elements that make it durable and convenient to use like the corner feet. The triple-plated chrome and scratch resistant powder coating keeps the unit safe and strong. It also folds easily for those who have smaller spaces and need to keep the unit stored. One can even opt for the Ergo-Embrace Foot Clamps, similar to the brand’s patented Gravity Boots, rather than the standard foot clamps used with previous EP series models.

Consumer reviews rather consistently claim the inversion table is effective on all kinds of conditions from chronic back pain and sciatica to herniated discs and pinched nerves as well as many other back and joint afflictions. Even people who have previously used other means of relief such as surgery have found the device to be useful. Some even claim that their pain completely disappears after regular use. Many also agree that the device is indeed easy to use.

Many users also note a few drawbacks to inversion tables such as the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 however. The inversion process may feel a little odd at first to those not used to the sensation. Others worry about the security of the foot clamps. Those who live alone are not able to use the unit at full inversion. Sometimes users are not able to use their full range of motion because of their conditions.